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Dandelion O'Greenhoe

Dandelion is the youngest of the O'Greenhoe children and has only recently come to Willy Nilly on the Wash from Booty Rooty on the Bush. Just look for the wide straw hat with the multicolored ribbons and the dandelion on the brim, and that will be Dandelion.

Unlike the majority of her family, Dandelion dislikes pigs. This may date back to an incident concerning Napoleon, her older brother Digby's pig, currently under the care of Gardenia while Digby is away. One fine St. Niniann's day, Napoleon decided that he didn't want to take his annual bath, so he ran off. Being the youngest, Dandelion was the one who had to go and find the reluctant pig. Napoleon led her on a merry chase all over Willy Nilly and Booty Rooty, over fences, across the wash, under a few buildings, through the Maze, until finally the whole episode came to a rather unpleasant end in the Joust Arena. Since that day, Dandelion has preferred the company of a fox named Simon.

Dandelion gets along fairly well with her Oggleview relations, except for one tiny little problem. Cousin Cordelia (the Lady Mayoress) can never remember her name, going through the entire spectrum of flowers without ever hitting the right one. Dandelion wears her namesake flower in her hat, in the hopes that Cordelia will get it right.

Dandelion likes to play pranks. This has gotten her into some serious trouble with the residents of Willy Nilly, including the crew of the Bloody Scavenger, Thomas Edmund Elementary the dancer (and Dandelion's new husband), and even Sir Jonathan Dudley. It is quite possible that Dandelion has had more pirate pistols pointed in her direction than any merchant vessel afloat. One prank even got Dandelion in trouble with the Queen (in this she follows in the footsteps of her elder brother Thomas Thimbletoes, but that's a different story). As a joke, Dandelion switched hats with Master Elementary. Unfortunately, Sir Jonathan Dudley took exception to each of them wearing a hat intended for the opposite sex. His wrath was further aroused when he discovered that Master Elementary had danced in front of the Queen without a hat on, since Dandelion's straw hat was impractical for dancing. Sir Jonathan put the pair of them on trial, and sentenced them to apologize to the Queen in person. Dandelion promised not to play anymore tricks, but we'll just have to wait and see how long that lasts.

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